KARA’s Nicole, Ji Young, and Seung Yeon Playing Hide and Seek or Being Forced Out of the Spotlight?

It’s been over a month since anyone has seen the likes of KARA’s Nicole, Ji Young, and Seung Yeon; and fans are beginning to wonder what they’re up to. Since their return from Japan on March 12 because of the devastating earthquake, the three KARA members have managed to stay hidden from the public – even when news of their Jet Coaster Love topping the Oricon singles charts was announced. However, it seems the other two members – Park Gyuri and Goo Hara – are quite active. Leader Park Gyuri has resumed her radio DJ activities on Shim ShimTapa, and Goo Hara is expanding her resume to include acting. She’ll be acting alongside Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young in upcoming drama City Hunter. So, who cares if some are out of the limelight? It’s not like they all have to be active at the same time. Well, that would be the normal response, except there’s a strange coincidence. In January, Nicole, Ji Young, and Seung Yeon filed a lawsuit against the management agency, DSP Media, for contract dispute. On the other hand, Park Gyuri and Goo Hara sided with their agency. There’s definitely something fishy going on.

Park Gyuri and Goo Hara are constantly in touch with their managers because of their respective activities. On the other hand, the three members have virtually no contacts with DSP Media. It’s been said that Nicole, Ji Young, and Seung Yeon have not visited the office lately.

There are no signs of KARA picking up their activities in Korea either. The Joongang newspaper reported today that a close source stated, “They’re trying to resume their Japanese promotions as soon as possible; but other than that, KARA has no plans to promote in Korea just yet. The lawyers from both sides are still negotiating a settlement. Even when they finalize the deal, it’ll be hard to pick up where they left off in Korea right away.”

The KARA controversy has had many people, both fans and those who work in the industry, upset. Back in January, Kim Kwang Soo, CEO of Core Contents Media, had voiced his opinions against KARA and DSP Media to the Korean Entertainment Producers Association claiming they diluted much of the hard work many people put into to successfully launch the Hallyu Wave in Japan. Kim is quite an influential person in the entertainment industry, and the fact that he spoke out means the rest of the people was frustrated as well. It’s possible that those in the industry are purposely boycotting the three “rebellious” teenagers from every setting foot in the domestic market again.