[Recap] We Got Married Episode 75

Even after they were leaving the shop Yonghwa kept pointing out Leopard style clothes. (Yonghwa seems to like all *cough* rocker style clothing, clothes that are flashy, sexy, that have leather) Seohyun called Yonghwa a “Leopard Style Mania.”

They began to look at boots. Yonghwa asked what she wanted and she exclaimed “Something Neat!” Seohyun was smiling as she tried on different boots. Yonghwa bought her a pair. (Girls and their shopping +_+) As they left Seohyun was also smiling, it appeared like she was cheering up! She even suggested that Yonghwa should try on some clothes too. He said that he would buy Seohyun more stuff, “Today I am going to borrow my mother’s plastic.” (Credit Card)

Seohyun said she was hungry and they went to go eat dim sum! (Yonghwa was explaining that dim sum is basically dumplings) Once they sat down they both were exclaiming how it had been a long time since they went out to eat. Then Yonghwa confessed, “I actually have schedule today.” (Schedule meaning he has to do “Celebrity Work,” this is a type of Konglish used in Korea quite often)

Bad move on Yonghwa’s part, Seohyun was just feeling a bit better and he had to drop another bomb. Well… in Yonghwa’s defense I guess he didn’t want to tell her while she was still upset. Anyways, Yonghwa said that he would take about 30 minutes and Seohyun said she would wait.

When the food came out Seohyun exclaimed, “Ock Joo-Hyun unni bought it for me before!” Yonghwa said that he would buy and Seohyun laughed happily. Once they had ate a little, Yonghwa asked Seohyun “Do you like the clothes,” “do you feel a bit better.” (I feel for Yonghwa, because it is such a pain in the butt when you are trying to cheer up your girlfriend, sigh)

In her one-on-one interview Seohyun used an analogy, “It felt like I had a headache and Yonghwa bought all of these unrelated medicine, I am thankful, but he still didn’t get what I need.”

Seohyun decided to change the subject, “Have you ever been to Myungdong?” Yonghwa replied, “Yes I was here when I filmed You’re Beautiful.” Then Yonghwa began to read some of his lines.

The Goguma couple went out to Myungdong. (I remember telling you guys that this is the shopping mecca of Seoul, but I also forgot to add that this is also a popular spot for Japanese tourists!) There were lots of people and Yonghwa explained that the street they were on was a place where they actually filmed “You’re Beautiful.”

Seohyun exclaimed, “Let’s buy gloves!” and they chose out gloves plus ear mufflers.

The scene changed and they were together inside of the car. While they were looking outside they saw the ice rink near city hall. Seohyun suggested that they should go skating at Yeouido.

Inside of the car Seohyun said “Thank you.” Yonghwa said, “It’s nothing and I’m sorry.” Seohyun said “Then…” and gave him a mission! Yonghwa had to go to the broadcast wearing the ear mufflers.

Yonghwa appeared on Gag Concert, he didn’t wear the ear mufflers but kept them around his neck. (While poor Seohyun had to wait for him inside of a coffee shop T_T) He was finally finished and was thirty minutes late. (Which equals 300 hours in Korean girl time, haha jk)

Finally they went to go ice skate! The goguma couple put on their gloves and their ear mufflers.After buying their tickets and getting their gear, they went inside to the locker room to change and put on their ice skates.

Seohyun didn’t know how to put them on so Yonghwa put them on for her.(Plus points for Yonghwa)

Yonghwa ran on to the ice rink, although he said that didn’t know how to skate, when he was on the rink Yonghwa was very good. (Seohyun on the other hand wasn’t really… it was pretty much a parallel of their ski resort date)

Seohyun was doing well until she fell.

Soon enough Yonghwa was helping Seohyun learn how to skate and they were naturally holding their hands. ( �de09 An excellent job on Yonghwa’s part, ice skating is a pretty good place to start holding hands for couples, *cough* dating 101)

While they were ice skating Seohyun looked a lot happier, and while they were holding hands Yonghwa kept saying he was sorry again. He said that he was sorry with his lips and Seohyun replied with her lips, “It’s really ok.”

Then Yonghwa began to talk about how he was sorry for everything he did wrong. (Ack, I hate doing this >_< but it’s a necessary evil, Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word~~~~~~~~~) Seohyun confessed in her one-on-one interview that she started to feel bad because Yonghwa was trying so hard to make her feel better, but she wasn’t completely over it yet. Yonghwa promised that he would look for it, and he said “I’ll try to better now!”

Jump forward three weeks! Yonghwa’s hair color was dyed differently and they were meeting in front of the spot where Seohyun had given Yonghwa the scarf that he lost. (I’m not 100% sure where this is but I’m guessing its Dosan Park, which is located within Apkujung in Seoul)

Yonghwa had come back from Japan and he looked for the scarf but he said that he had lost it. However, Yonghwa was slightly smiling while he was talking. (At first I thought Yonghwa actually found it or something >_<)

Yonghwa started to tease Seohyun, “Didn’t you miss me? I’m cold can you knit me a scarf? My neck feels kind of empty.” Then Yonghwa started to tease Seohyun saying that knitting a scarf didn’t seem too difficult.

Yonghwa had actually knitted Seohyun a scarf, and he brought it out but he lied to her, saying that he had bought the scarf. As Seohyun looked at the scarf more carefully there were a few mistakes on the scarf.

Then Yonghwa gave Seohyun a diary, it was a diary/note of him knitting the scarf. (Couples in South Korea do this a lot when they are younger, writing diaries for each other etc.)

As Seohyun read the letters and the notes inside of the diary, she seemed to feel better about Yonghwa losing the scarf. The letter he wrote was cute as he confessed how now he understood how Seohyun probably felt.

Personal Thoughts:

Call me a conspiracy theorist but I think Yonghwa didn’t actually lose the scarf but wanted to make Seohyun feel bad only to make her feel even better after making her a scarf himself. HAHA! It’s kind of like the “push and pull” (Mind games in order to win over a girl’s heart) something that Yonghwa is supposed to enjoy! (As do I myself MWAHAHA)

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed the recap and stay tuned next week for the next episode’s recap! Hope you are having a great weekend! =)