Soompi Daily Digest – Apr. 22nd, 2011

Here we bring a daily run-through of our top stories for each day. It’ll serve as your daily digest for all things KPOP!

Top Stories of the Day:

1) Lee Ji Ah has released an official statement through her agency today. She did confirm the marriage as true but it turns out they didn’t have any children. (

2) Netizens and Korean media are hunting down information surrounding Lee Ji Ah and they came up with what’s assumed to be her elementary graduation photo and an article published in 2000 mentioning Seo Taiji’s wedding. (

3) Rain is named TIME Magazine’s 2011 Top 100 Most Influential People—Again! (

4) Much to his delight, MC Mong may be able to serve the Korean army! (

5) Jung Il Woo severely bruised his nose while filming an episode of “49 Days.” Ouch! (

6) Girl’s Day has released their new MV for “If You Give Your Heart” today. This is from “The Sparkling” OST Part 3. (

7) Super Junior K.R.Y released their new MV for “Fly,” which is the main theme song for “Superstar K3.” (

8) Here we got a preview for SNSD’s “Mr. Taxi” that was recently aired on Japanese TV. Tell us what you think of the dance and MV! (

9) Rain is set to return to Singapore for the “Best 2011 Rain Asia Tour in Singapore” on May 22nd. (

10) We got more photos of Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young for upcoming drama “City Hunter.” (

Photo of the Day:


Would you believe it if that’s actress Lee Ji Ah’s elementary school graduation photo? Korean media and netizens are saying this is indeed the photo of her as her name then was Kim Sang Eun, as printed in the photo. So much juice coming out of this controversy! (

Tweet of the Day:


Following the group’s first win on Thursday’s “M! Countdown” for their new single “Mirror Mirror,” 4Minute tweeted this group photo of them celebrating the award.

Quote of the Day:


“I’m doing okay. Don’t worry about me. It’s not a big deal.”Seo Taiji told some of his closest friends by email, Korean local media reported today. Taiji is also planning to release an official statement on this issue in the coming days, so stay tuned for more updates!

Release of the Day:




Jay Park releases another teaser for his new MV “Abandoned.” Can’t wait to see the full version! (

Best Person of the Day:



Rain—Congratulations on making the TIME 100 Most Influential People list again this year! This is his second time on the list—the first-ever Asian celebrity to do so. He was also #1 on an online poll for TIME’s most influential person. (