Plastic Surgery = Contract Termination for Girl Group…

Rookie girl group CHI-CHI, short for Creative Electronic House Idols, has a unique clause written in their contract with management agency Yedang Entertainment (YD). Their contract specifically states that if they go under the knife, their contract will be automatically terminated. CHI-CHI made a splashing debut with their song Don’t Play Around early this year. The seven girls of CHI-CHI were carefully selected based on the qualifications of natural beauty as well as talent.  

Representatives of the agency stated, “The girls signed the contract promising they won’t go under the knife. The company, the producers, and the girls decided to play off the concept of natural beauty as one of CHI-CHI’s greatest strengths. Additionally, the no cosmetic surgery clause was added for the benefit of the girls’ futures.”

They added, “We felt it was more important for the girls to maintain their natural charms for the long run rather than make them into perfect-for-television faces. CHI-CHI will challenge other girl groups with their natural appeals and strong singing skills.”

It’s only natural for teenaged idol stars to want to look prettier, but the seven girls of CHI-CHI have been able to accept their features and be happy with them. It’s not like they were unattractive to begin with. Many of the girls have been well-known for being amazingly pretty in their pre-debut days. In fact, Sui, currently a high school junior, has been garnering a lot of attention for her fresh charms that are reminiscent of actress Song Hye Kyo’s during her debut days.

Rookie girl group CHI-CHI exhibits electronic, house, and dance music. Currently, they are showing off their appeals in full swing through Don’t Play Around.