Lee Ji Ah Apologizes to Jung Woo Sung

Lee Ji Ah, former wife of Seo Taiji who’s currently in a lawsuit over alimony and asset division, has contacted her current boy friend Jung Woo Sung and apologized for not informing him in advance about her past marriage and divorce history, local media reported today. “Lee Ji Ah got in touch with Jung Woo Sung and apologized for not telling everything about her past. She’s in devastating pain for hurting Jung Woo Sung’s feelings with her past deeds,” Chosun Ilbo quoted an acquaintance of Lee Ji Ah as saying.

Jung Woo Sung reportedly had no idea of Lee Ji Ah’s divorce case and has been in a state of shock since the news first broke out last week. He even cancelled his birthday party scheduled for this weekend as he’s still struggling to pull his thoughts together, some of his close friends told local media. Instead, Jung went out drinking with the head of his agency, as Kim Yun Hak, the CEO of Jung’s management agency, tweeted on Apr. 22nd, “I’m having a drink with my friend of 24 years (in reference to Jung Woo Sung). I hope time will heal his wounds. He’s having a hard time, and it’s the same for me. Today, I’m not here as his boss, but as a friend.”

Just recently Jung Woo Sung made his romance with Lee Ji Ah public. But shortly after news of Lee Ji Ah’s lawsuit broke out, an official from Jung Woo Sung’s agency told the press that he had no clue of her marriage with Seo Taiji, even going as far to state that, “If he had known of her marriage, he wouldn’t have dated her.” But another close friend of Jung told local media later that, “Jung Woo Sung is still in love with Lee Ji Ah. I think he’s waiting to see how things unfold as he is very confused right now.” Jung Woo Sung’s management agency also said “Rumors of the two parting ways are just rumors.” The agency said Jung Woo Sung will release an official statement in the coming days.