f(x)’s Victoria With or Without Bangs? What a Difference a Simple Hairstyle Makes!

Several captivating photos of f(x)’s Victoria have been released by fashion magazine High Cut. Recently, Victoria signed as the lipstick model for cosmetic brand Estee Lauder. During the photo shoot, she displayed two different images to capture the concept of “black and white.” The colors black and white symbolized the two ideas of maturity and innocence. She showed off both a strong mature look with a sexy black strapless dress and a lovely fresh appearance with bangs matched with a white dress. The only noticeable difference between the two looks were her smokey eye make up and bangs. 

Victoria normally sports a cute and spunky hairstyle with bangs. While it may not seem like much, the bangs gave her an adorable appeal and accentuated her facial features. However, her new do also has an alluring and sensual effect. The elimination of bangs gave Victoria a more mature and confident look. It’s amazing how much difference a simple hairstyle makes. 

Photos courtesy of High Cut