Skin Goddess Go Hyun Jung Reveals Beauty Secrets

In 2010, Go Hyun Jung was the talk of the beauty world for her amazingly healthy and beautiful skin. She introduced her special cleansing pattern called the “facial hair method” (which sounds a lot better and ethereal in Korean). Currently, she’s in the process of publishing a book titled Go Hyun Jung’s Textures where she reveals all her beauty know-hows and secrets. If all women used the same products, ate the same food, and cleansed in the same manner as Go, they will be able to maintain their young complexions. The book documented six months of Go’s everyday life and noted her lifestyle habits that help her live younger than her actual age.  

Go Hyun Jung’s Textures follows six themes – textures, colors, lights, lines, class, and scent – and reveals the secrets behind the actress’s famous facial hair cleansing method, Go Hyun Jung BB Cream, and others. Go Hyung Jung stated, “A lot of the women rely on the current hot beauty tips and methods. I hope people can find their inner beauty and confidence as well as their own methods to taking care of their beauties.” Go Hyun Jung’s Textures will be on available for purchasing on April 29th.

Written in Korean by hurlkie@soompi; translated by hotshotlover30@soompi

Photos courtesy of m&b