Lee Ji Ah Gave Up her Rights to Alimony Five Years Ago

Actress Lee Ji Ah is currently in the midst of an asset division lawsuit against ex-husband Seo Taiji. However, it’s been recently uncovered that she gave up her rights to alimony five years ago while finalizing her divorce in America.

On Sunday, MBC News Desk reported Lee Ji Ah and Seo Taiji got their divorce approved by the Santa Monica Family Courts in 2006. In their separation agreement, Lee agreed to waive spousal support and division of property. So why did she change her mind? Plus, the topic also begs me to ask why only $5.5 million? If you were going to sue you’re wealthy ex-husband for alimony, wouldn’t you ask for more? Lee could probably make $5.5 million by shooting several commercial ads and dramas. She’s become a prominent A-list Korean actress who probably gets a huge paycheck after episode. Many people probably recognize her from her roles in big budget dramas like The Legend (2007) and Athena: Goddess of War (2010).