Lee Ji Ah Did Not Debut Through Seo Taiji

Bae Yong Jun’s Key East announced that the rumor of Lee Ji Ah’s debuting through Seo Taiji is not true.

Key East’s CEO Yang Geun Hwan announced through Star News on the 24th, “There is a theory that Lee Ji Ah debuted because Seo Taiji introduced her to Bae Yong Jun. This rumor is based on the fact that the CEO of Bae Yong Jun’s Japanese agency Son Il Hyung is the brother of Seo Taiji’s manager Son Geun Hyung.”

Yang Geun Hwan also stated, “Lee Ji Ah appeared on Bae Yong Jun’s commercial film in 2004, and then Son Geun Hyung was not a part of Seo Taiji’s company.” “The timing is off.” 

Related to Lee Ji Ah and Seo Taiji’s divorce, currently all news sources and netizens are beginning to question Lee Ji Ah’s past. In South Korea it is rare for a celebrity to suddenly appear out of thin air, and Lee Ji Ah has been called an “Alien,” “Ghost,” and “Vampire” because people could not find any background information about her. People have been assuming that Lee Ji Ah debuted through Seo Taiji.