Beware of Superstar K3 Voice Phishing!

Currently there is a problem of “voice phishing” that is occurring amongst Superstar K3 contestants. According to tvdaily, the con artists are calling contestants and saying “You have made the auditions, so please send money.” After this news became available, netizens have used tweet and different SNS services to tell everyone not to fall for the Superstar K3 “Voice Phishing.” Superstar K3 began their first auditions on the 24th at Pusan. There were over 280,000 individuals that applied for the auditions in the Pusan area.

The second season of the Superstar K audition show, Superstar K2 was the first cable show to have over a ten percent viewer rating. Within 40 days Superstar K3 had over 1,346,402 audition requests.