Seo Taiji’s Digital Music Sales Quadrupled Since Lawsuit Case Surfaced

Seo Taiji’s digital music sales have quadrupled since his ongoing asset division lawsuit with former wife Lee Ji Ah first surfaced in Korean media last week. “According to last week’s data compiled from top music sites such as Melon, Bugs, and Dosirak, Seo Taiji’s digital music sales have nearly increased fourfold compared to the past,” Gaon Music Chart said Monday.

The track that saw the most increase in downloads is “To You” from Seo Taiji & Boys’ second official album in 1993. Other tracks that also increased in digital sales are: “In the Time of Being with You,” “I Want to Erase You,” and “Sad Pain.” These tracks talk about love, separation, and pain, and coincidentally were released over the time period of his marriage and divorce from Lee Ji Ah, causing fans to suspect he wrote these songs based on his own experience.

Gaon Charts said, “Fans have been shocked by Seo Taiji’s recent marriage and divorce news, and perhaps they’re paying more attention to the songs that came out during his time with her. ‘To You,’ in particular, is a song about love—a rarity in Taiji’s discography.” Seo Taiji and Lee Ji Ah stunned the KPOP world last Thursday with their ongoing asset division lawsuit. It was reported that they got their divorce case finalized in 2006 as Lee Ji Ah gave up her rights to alimony five years ago.

Gaon Charts is one of Korea’s most prestigious music ranking systems as it is officially sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism. They compile all the sales data from major Korean music download sites and offline record stores to create one official music chart.