4Minute: First the Choreography… Now the Wardrobes?!

Recently, 4Minute was under the fire for their overly suggestive wide leg spread dance. This time around, they’ve gotten the attention of viewers with their tight bodysuits. The five girls showed up with full bodysuits as their stage costumes for Mirror Mirror on Sunday’s Inkigayo Jeju Special.

The black bodysuits displayed full silhouettes of the girls’ body lines. The figure hugging wardrobes along with their smoky makeups portrayed 4Minutes as raunchy sex icons. What’s disturbing is the fact that their youngest member, So Hyun, is still only sixteen years old.

Once their performance was over, netizens expressed their mixed feelings over the provocative wardrobes. Some of the positive comments included: “They all have such amazing figures!” “They’re the sexiest girl group ever!” and “Ga Yoon has the perfect body line!” On the other hand, some netizens lashed against the group saying: “Were they going for Jeju Island’s female diver concept? Those clothes remind me of scuba divers.” “It was embarrassing because I didn’t know where to look…or not look.” “It’s too suggestive, and “It’s inappropriate, especially for young viewers.”

Currently, girl groups emphasize sexy choreographies and extreme stage wardrobes, but where did the music in music groups go? The lyrics may be catchy, but that’s pretty much it. The songs no longer have the poetic charms and deep meanings behind them like the 80s and 90s. 4Minute has managed to find a loophole to broadcast stations’ restrictions on controversial clothing with their bodysuits. But truthfully, what’s more provocative – showing bellybuttons or giving off mental images of naked girls?