JYJ’s World Tour Concert 2011: A Huge Success @ Taipei

On April 23rd, JYJ successfully completed their concert in Taiwan, as part of their JYJ World Tour Concert 2011, at the Taipei Dome by selling over 10,000 tickets. JYJ rocked the stage with twenty of their hit songs. The Taiwanese fans also showed their love and support by singing along. The concert featured twenty of JYJ’s songs and included: Empty, Be My Girl, Be the One, Their Rooms, Mission, Fallen Leaves, I.D.S., and more. Two of the songs, In Heaven and Get Out, were produced just for the global concert. The sellout concerts and passionate responses from fans are evidence that JYJ has solidified their status as one of the top hallyu boy bands.

The stage at the concert was shaped as a cross (十), allowing many fans to get up close to their favorite stars and making it a more interactive concert. The energetic concert lasted for two hours followed by encore performances. Once the Asian tour is over, JYJ will head over to North America. They will start their North American concerts at Vancouver on May 20th before heading to the States. The trio will then head to Newark, NJ on May 22nd, Los Angeles, CA on May 27th, and San Jose, CA on June 3rd.