New Albums And Singles Preview – 2011 April Week 4

After School Vol. 1 – Virgin (April 28)


01 Let’s Step Up
02 Shampoo
03 Virgin
04 Bang! (2011 New Recordings)
05 Play Ur Love
06 Dream 07 Because Of You (2011 New Recordings)
07 Rely on Time
08 You’re Doing Well, Right?
09 Funky Man
10 My Bell
11 When I Fall (2011 New Recordings)

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Girl group, After School returns with its first full-length album, “Virgin” this month. The title track is “Shampoo,” composed by Daishi Dance and penned by poet Won Tae Yeon. The group members’ soft vocals and powerful rap are expected to flow well in this song. Also included in the album are powerful intro song, “Let’s Step Up,” “Funky Man” which features a “pre-school girl,” and solo tracks sung by Jung Ah and Raina.


CN Blue – Thank You: First Step + 1 (April 26)


01 Love Girl (Acoustic Version)
02 Try Again, Smile Again
03 Don’t Say Goodbye
04 It Is So

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CN Blue who has sold over 150,000 of their latest album surprises fans with a new album, “Thank You: First Step+1” as a thank you gift. The album consists of an acoustic version of “Love Girl” along with three songs previously released as Japanese singles.


Jay Park mini-album Vol. 1 – Take A Deeper Look (April 27)

01 Touch the Sky (feat. the Quiett)
02 Abandoned (ft. Dok2)
03 Tonight (ft Kang Min Kyung of Davichi)
04 Can’t Do Without You
05 Don’t Let Go
06 Level 1000 (With Dok2)
07 Bestie

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Jay Park finally returns with his first mini-album, “Take a Deeper Look.” Through this album, fans are able to see his cool performances, listen to his charming vocals, and feel his charismatic energy. Jay took part in producing the entire album as well as in composing six of the seven tracks which range from R&B, hip-hop, to dance. The title track is R&B number, “Abandoned.”


Eru – Feel Brand New (April 27)

01 Unsophisticated and Childish
02 Beautiful (feat. Sangchoo with Mighty Mouth)
03 Trying to Forget
04 Spiteful Woman
05 Unsophisticated and Childish INST

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Eru who is known for delicate love songs, “Black Glasses” and “White Snow” comes before fans with new style shown through his first mini album, “Feel Brand New.” The title track this time around is “Unsophisticated and Childish,” which is expected to show a different side of the ballad singer.


Park Bom (single) – Don’t Cry (released)

01 Don’t Cry

2NE1’s vocalist, Park Bom releases her solo track, “Don’t Cry” this month, her second solo song since “You & I.” This R&B dance number was composed by Teddy and listeners can hear the beautiful piano house beats that harmonize well with the fast tempo.


Gavy NJ (single) – Vive L’Amour (released)

01 Vive L’Amour
02 Vive L’Amour INST

Gavy NJ, who had recently released a repackaged album, “Cup of Latte” returns this spring with a new single, “Vive L’Amour.” It is a dramatic number composed by Kim Myung Ki who’s known for writing Gavy NJ’s other hits such as “Sunflower” and “Cup of Latte.” The lyrics were penned by Min Yun Jae who is known for writing great lyrics for 4MEN and K.Will. Gavy NJ plans to release their second mini-album soon after this single release.


Other Releases:
Re Born  – Born to Soul (April 26)
Maytree – Mini-Album 1: The May Tree (April 26)
Spthe# – Hello (April 26)
Shim Hyun Bo – Vol. 3 Simple Collection (April 26)
Tae Ha – Mini-Album 1: Come Back to Me (April 27)
Chae Soo In – Vol. 1 New York Love Story (April 27)
Primary – Primary and the Messengers, Part 1 (April 27)

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