Yonghwa "Almost Messed Up a Japanese Concert"

CN Blue’s Jung Yonghwa confessed about an incident where he almost messed up a large concert in Japan.

Yonghwa appeared on SBS’s “Strongheart” which will broadcast on April 26th. Yonghwa said, “It was a very important concert, shortly after the concert began suddenly my vision was blurry.” Yonghwa’s lens had fallen out when the concert began. Yonghwa also confessed, “I couldn’t focus at all during the concert and I couldn’t play the guitar properly” but thankfully Yonghwa was able to pull through and have a great performance.

This episode of Strongheart continues with the same members from last week. Last week’s episode gained a lot of attention because Yonghwa had screamed, “Seohyun I love you.” “We Got Married’s” Goguma couple which consists of CN Blue’s Yonghwa and SNSD’s Seohyun is dearly missed by fans worldwide. Stay tuned for a recap of this week’s “Strongheart“!