G.NA Photoshoot with 70’s Concept

In a recent photo-shoot, singer G.NA was portrayed as a 70’s artist.

The photographer for the May photo-shoot “Some Like it Hot” wanted to reproduce a classic concept combined with sexiness. G.NA was dressed in a 1970’s diva fashion for fashion magazine Sure.

This photo-shoot emitted an exotic touch through the background capture of legendary club “Studio 54″with legendary 70’s artists and stars such as Andy Warhol, Bianca Jagger, and Jerry Hall.

Singer G.NA was able to pose with charisma and sensuality in ease.

The revealing dresses for this photo-shoot, accentuate her gorgeous body shape. Her gorgeous body shape is the perfect example of the “golden ratio” (Head to body ratio) which earned her the title of “body terminator” and “unbelievable body shape.”

Meanwhile, G.NA is busy preparing for her new album and filming for various CFs.