Koyote, Shinji "I’m Not an Alcoholic"

Shinji of group Koyote stated that she has stage fright. On April 25th, SBS show, “Night After Night”, Shinji’s story was broadcast with other celebrities: Park Soo Hong, Park Kyung Lim, and Kim Jong Min. The subject that was discussed on this show was popularity.

In 2008, Shinji came out with a solo album and performed on stage. She was so nervous that her microphone was shaking. That was the stepping stone for her rumors such as being an alcoholic or having diet pill addiction. While she openly explained her side of story she started to show tears.

She stated that, “Even after having been in the industry for the past 10 years, I still get the shakes on stage. I have stage fright. I was disappointed and hurt that people started to spread rumors that I was an alcoholic or misuse diet pill.” Shinji stated in tears that she’s pitiful, “I became a singer because I love to sing, but I shake so much on stage.”