Tiara’s Hyomin to Appear on a Horror Film!

Tiara’s Hyomin is launching her movie career! Hyomin has been cast for a new horror/thriller movie titled, “Giseng Ryung.” (Ghost of a Korean Giseng, which are similar to the Japanese Geisha) The film will begin showing in August and it is about a ghost that has died an unfair death and about the murders that the ghost conducts. The movie itself focuses on Sunny (Played by Han Eun Jung) who takes care of an orphan. The child has become an orphan because of a murder. This thriller focuses on how the truth behind the orphaned child is revealed. The movie is directed by Yang Yoon Ho who also directed KBS’s “Iris” and the movie “Grand Prix.”

Tiara’s Hyomin and Han Eun Jung both appeared on “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.” They are cast together again for the film “Giseng Ryung” as sisters. Sources before had said that top star Kim Kyu Ri was cast for the role of Sunny, and “Giseng Ryung” will be the first Asian 3D horror/thriller movie.

Written By: song@soompi.com, Translated by: Jbarky