KARA’s "Jetcoaster Love" Reaches 160,000 Album Sales

On April 6th Kara released their third single “Jetcoaster Love” which rose up on number one for the weekly Oricon charts on April 18th. On April 25th the single is at 4th place. For album sales the first week saw 123,000 and the second week saw 25,000 making the total sales for two weeks at 148,000. Currently, the total sale of “Jetcoaster Love” nearly reaches 160,000.

According to tvreport, “Jetcoaster Love” moved up and down the charts, it was at number one for the first 6 days of the release then went down to number four for April 13th and shot up back to number two on April 18th.

Kara has been gaining a lot of attention after their debut as a strong rival to SNSD. They gained more popularity with their “Butt Dance” for their hit song “Mister.” Recently there were rumors of a breakup and also controversy due to contractual problems.