Soompi Daily Digest – Apr. 26th, 2011

Here we bring a daily run-through of our top stories for each day. It’ll serve as your daily digest for all things KPOP!

Top Stories of the Day:

1) Listen to the Top 50 K-Pop songs in 30 minutes! (

2) SNSD released a dance version MV for their Japanese single “Mr. Taxi” today! (

3) T-ara’s Hyomin is launching her movie career through a horror/thriller movie! (

4) Super Junior’s Japanese TV commercial will begin airing in May. Remember the boys haven’t done any official promotions nor released a single album in Japan yet! (

5) Is A-Pink the next national fairies?! (

6) Who do you think is the real “Flower Goddess”: Sung Yuri or Park Min Young? (

7) Jang Geuk Suk kicked off his 2011 Asian Tour “The Cri Show” at Singapore on Apr. 23rd. (

8) Soompi’s new albums and singles preview for this week! (

9) Wonder what Ivy has been up to lately?! (

10) KARA’s “Jetcoaster Love” sold over 160,000 albums in a little over two weeks of its release in Japan! (

Photo of the Day:


We haven’t seen Ivy in a long time…it turns out she was traveling in the U.S. Here’s hoping for her quick return! (

Tweet of the Day:


Miss A tweeted this photo of their rehearsal today. The group is expected to comeback in May with a new album! (

Quote of the Day:


“Perhaps…do you want to listen to a live performance of Park Bom’s ‘Don’t Cry’?” YG Entertainment posted this mysterious message on their YG official blog today.

Release of the Day:




After many teasers last week, SNSD finally released a danve version MV of their Japanese single “Mr. Taxi.” ((

Best Person of the Day:


Super Junior hasn’t released a single album in Japan. They haven’t run any official promotions either. Yet they managed to become the main model for Japan’s top convenience store franchise. Their first Japanese single “Bonamana” is set for release on June 8th. (