Lee Min Ho & Park Min Young Share a Kiss!!!

On April 19th, Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young visited a club in Kangnam to film a scene for their upcoming drama “City Hunter.” Lee plays Lee Yoon Sung, a MIT graduate who works at the Blue House as part of the National Communications Team; while Park acts as Kim Na Na, a former Judo athlete and current Blue House secret service agent.

The two shared a sizzling kiss at a club for their first shoot together. It was said that those behind the scenes held their breaths as the two amazing actors completed the shot. The kiss is already labeled as the “substitute kiss” because of how the two characters met in the drama.

Lee Yoon Sung and Kim Na Na coincidently meet at a club in Kangnam while carrying out their respective duties. Yoon Sung was conducting a mission, and Na Na was undercover while escorting the President’s daughter. For whatever reason, Yoon Sung surprised Na Na by kissing her spontaneously. As fate (and Korean producers) would have it, the two shared an unpleasant first meeting before this epic incident as a drunken customer and substitute driver.

While the kiss scene is relatively short, it took 90 minutes to complete the shoot from various angles. Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young showed great chemistry and professionalism throughout filming; thus raising the bar and expectations from their fans.

Representatives of the production company stated, “The kiss scene is crucial to developing the characters relationship to one another. Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young’s hard work and perfect on-screen chemistry made it a lot easier for us to film the important segment.”

“City Hunter” is based on the best-selling Japanese manga by Hojo Tsukasa and will air its pilot episode on May 25th.