Teddy Riley Praises DBSK & Big Bang : “Best of the Best”

K-pop is sweeping over the world, and American Teddy Riley, the late Michael Jackson’s producer, recognized the power and influence of k-pop. On April 21st, Teddy Riley came to Korea to support his girl group RANIA. He attended the special Jeju Island episode of “Inkigayo” to watch his brainchild perform among k-pop’s greats. He especially showed great interest to boy bands DBSK and Big Bang, even before their performances.

He also had the chance to go backstage and meet with various Korean music artists. He stated, “After seeing their passionate performances, I can see why DBSK is one of the best boy bands in Korea. Their music and performance radiated energy.” Towards Big Bang, Teddy Riley commented, “This group has the potential to grow beyond Asia.” Big Bang’s G-Dragon is fluent in English and was seen conversing fluently with Teddy Riley.

He added, “I was deeply moved by the performances. I’ve heard a lot of stories about k-pop and its popularity throughout, but I was able to see for myself the enormous influence it has. I believe k-pop will continue to achieve great success throughout the American and European market. I was extremely happy to see my group RANIA performing among k-pop’s best.” Teddy Riley is planning on joining RANIA onstage soon.


Written in Korean by girlalice@soompi; translated by hotshotlover30@soompi