Choi Daniel Went through a Hard Time Because of Hwang Jung Eum

Choi Daniel explained about the rumors regarding him and Hwang Jung Eum. He appeared on KBS2’s “Happy Together 3” for April 28th. Choi Daniel said, “The rumors regarding me and Hwang Jung Eum dating were really unfair.” During MBC’s “High Kick through the Roof” Choi Daniel continued to face rumors of him dating Hwang Jung Eum.

The rumors got out of hand, and there even was another rumor that Choi Daniel got hit by Kim Yong Jun. (Of SG Wannabe and also currently dating Hwang Jung Eum) Hwang Jung Eum got H1N1 (Influenza) and filming of “High Kick through the Roof” had to cease for one week, but the rumors regarding the situation stated that Choi Daniel got hit by Kim Yong Jun and his eyes were blue and that was the reason why filming stopped. Choi Daniel also said on the show, “When I meet Kim Yong Jun we never had any bad blood, but the baseless articles kept on pouring and I felt extremely sorry towards him.”

Also on the show, Choi Daniel admitted that he had more complexes (Things he does not like about himself) than the average person. He said, “I don’t like my long fingers and tall height.”

Choi Daniel is a famous model and actor who was well known for his role in “High Kick through the Roof” where he acted opposite of Hwang Jung Eum.