“49 Days” Jung Il Woo Transforms into the Son of the Night/Emo Rocker for “Singles”

Currently, Jung Il Woo has grabbed the hearts of female viewers with his role as the fashionable comedic Scheduler on SBS’s “49 Days.” He showed off his fashion sense once more for the magazine “Singles.”

Unlike his modern day Grim Reaper character who almost always wore colorful showy clothes, he tapped into his dark son of the night roots for the photo spread. He displayed an intense and mysterious aura – unlike the clean image he’s known for.

The photos are reminiscent of poster shots from vampire or other fantasy movies. The mix of the intense eyeliner, frayed out hair, dark clothes, and the moon in the backdrop showed fans a new side to Jung Il Woo that no one knew of before. The enigmatic look in his eyes lure the audience in – similar to Robert Pattison’s sexy and unfathomable eyes in mega-popular movie series “Twilight.” The clothes he wears for the spread are also reminiscent of those worn by emo rockers.

Jung Il Woo’s dark and sexy photo spread will be featured in the May issue of “Singles.” What do you guys think of Jung Il Woo’s dark look? Love it or hate it?

Photos courtesy of “Singles”