Lee Hyori as a Guardian Angel for Abandoned Animals

Lee Hyori is participating in “Talent Donation” and is now the guardian angel for abandoned animals. Although it is in Korean you can visit the website which is blog.naver.com/hyoleehyo

Naver’s “Talent Donation” program is a donation program where a famous individual will make their own talent into content and users that agree with this donation will donate “Happy Beans” and after collecting these “Happy Beans” Naver will actually proceed with donating money.

Lee Hyori was always interested in abandoned animals. According to Kyunghyang she is known to restrict her internet activities but through this program she wishes to make the public more aware of the problems of abandoned animals and help out on a larger scale.

Lee Hyori will release a track about protecting animals. Lucid Fall has written the lyrics and produced the song titled “Please Stay” and it is created in the perspective of abandoned animals. All of the profits through this song will be sent to an abandoned animal shelter (Located in Ahnsung).

There is also an event where you can receive a fashion item that Lee Hyori chooses for you. Each week for the individual who has donated the most and also for the one, who has indicated that he/she wishes to receive a fashion item, Lee Hyori will personally provide a fashion item. This event will be held for 12 weeks.

On the blog itself there are tips on adopting and also living with abandoned pets, and interestingly enough there is also going to be a volunteer effort where Lee Hyori will join 20 individuals picked out from the donators.

Lee Hyori is well known as a “National Fairy” through her music career but also her emceeing career where she often emceed alongside Yoo Jae Suk.