Mnet M! Countdown! 04.28.2011

Big Bang’s “Love Song” was the “Song of The Week” on this week’s edition of M! Countdown!

After beating the top acts in the music industry, Big Bang came out victorious once again for the proud YG Family. Their latest single “Love Song” has become a hit among music lovers, especially the Mnet viewers.

The following K-POPtastic acts performed tonight: Big Bang, Dae-sung, f(x), Eru, Turtle, Monday Kiz, Primary (ft. Supreme Team, Yankie), 4minute, Tony An, Kim Taewoo, Yangpa, Dal Shabet, A Pink, Kim Greem, B1A4, and, Taeha.

Cry tears of joy with this week’s winner and enjoy all the musicial numbers below:

Big Bang has one last “Love Song” story to tell us on their Goodbye [aka Adieu] Stage. Let’s listen in….

Dae-sung [from Big Bang] – Baby, Don’t Cry

Pinocchio, can you hear them! The five ladies from f(x) debut “Danger” on Mnet today:

F(x) – Gangsta Boy

Primary (ft. Supreme Team, Yankie) – ZOO

4Minute – Mirror Mirror

Tony Ahn – Top Star

Kim Greem – Nobody But You

A Pink – I Don’t Know 

Yangpa – It Hurts 

B1A4 – OK

Eru – Countrified and Immature

Where is our “Pink Rocket” headed today? The girls of Dal Shabet know!

Turtles – Hero

Taeha – Come Back To Me 

MCD Chart – Songs 11 – 4

MCD Chart – Songs 20 – 11

4Minute’s win last week

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