JYP Releases 10 Seconds of Miss A’s Next Single

The one and only JYP, Park Jinyoung, recently opened his very own me2day account in order to stay in touch with his fans during his activities overseas. 

One of his first posts was a short video clip of himself in a recording studio in LA. JYP stated, “I’m working on Miss A’s single today. Then I will be working on 2PM’s single tomorrow. The day after that I will be working on the Wonder Girls’ single. And then the day after that I will be working on a secret project I cannot tell you guys about.”

Then as a self-proclaimed “act of craze,” JYP gave fans a little taste of the first ten seconds of Miss A’s next single. Immediately after turning the music off, though, he showed signs of regret saying that he“already released too much.” However, he then seemed to be trying to justify his actions by asking,“Shouldn’t I do at least this crazy antic since I opened a new me2day account?”

He concluded by saying that he would upload more photos and videos in the future.
Check it out! 

Source: JYP’s me2day