Lee Ji Ah has dropped her lawsuit against Seo Taiji for alimony. The law firm Barun, Lee Ji Ah’s legal representative said, “After Lee Ji Ah’s marriage and subsequent divorce were announced, due to invasion of privacy, she and the people around her have received too much pain. Therefore because it would develop into a long lawsuit Lee Ji Ah has decided to drop the lawsuit, and the official document was given to the courts.”

The law firm also stated, “We hope that no further controversy ensues.”

Now, if Seo Taiji’s side accepts the dropping of the lawsuit or takes no action for two weeks, the lawsuit will be officially dropped.

This news follows the release of Seo Taiji’s first official statement regarding the lawsuit earlier today. He acknowledged the marriage and divorce, as he said the former couple had reached a divorce settlement in 2006. It’s been exactly nine days since news of Lee Ji Ah’s lawsuit against Seo Taiji first broke out, which has ignited a media frenzy over the issue in the whole country.