Lee Min Ho Fights One VS Twelve for “City Hunter”

Actor Lee Min Ho fought against twelve men for a scene in his upcoming drama “City Hunter.” In early April, he shot a muddy fight sequence, and photos of the shoot have been released. Lee plays multi-talented Lee Yoon Sung, a MIT graduate who works in the Blue House National Communications Team. Not only is Lee Yoon Sung extremely smart, he’s also skilled in several areas – including the martial arts.

Even in freezing temperatures, he managed to heat up the set with his powerful moves. He refused to use a stunt double for the scene and fought through the cold rain in nothing but a wife beater and jeans. It’s been said that Lee prepared for this action sequence for some time. As a result, he completed the scene perfectly without any NGs (no good scenes). It was probably hard enough to stand still in the mud, let alone fight and act in it. However, both Lee Min Ho and his action skills still managed to shine despite being covered in mud.

Lee Min Ho received formal martial arts training for several months. He practiced Arnis and Kali, a class of Filipino martial arts that emphasize weapon-based fighting. Many Korean fans became aware of Arnis and Kali through 2010’s blockbuster movie “Ajusshi” starring Won Bin.

He displayed confidence and skill as he performed the scene against twelve other professionals. The rest of the cast and crew were left dazed with his perfect chemistry with the stunt team. Representatives of the production team stated, “Lee Min Ho managed to melt away the freezing temperatures with his passionate hot moves. He’s definitely matured as an actor and became manlier. Fans can expect great things from Lee Min Ho in ‘City Hunter.’”

“City Hunter” is based on the best-selling Japanese manga by Hojo Tsukasa. SBS will broadcast its first episode on May 25th.