Lee Juk’s Small Theater Encore Concert a Success

On May 1st Lee Juk held the “Lee Juk Small Theater Encore Concert – Love.” Since March 15th he’s held concerts and encore concerts that add up to 17 concerts in total that were all sold out, he has reached over 10,000 paying audiences.

According to osen, Lee Juk’s associates have announced, “Lee Juk has shown his ticket power once again after 2007, through this encore concert Lee Juk has displayed his songs from Panic, Gigs, Carnival, and his own solo albums. Lee Juk played the piano, guitar, and electric piano for nearly 2 hours and enjoyed the show with the audiences.”

Lee Juk is as veteran singer well known for his project groups such as Panic (where he sang with Kim Jin Pyo) and Carnival (where he sang with Kim Dong Ryul). He also has had a prolific career with his solo albums as in the past his single “It’s Fortunate” was a huge success.