Should SNSD’s Hyoyeon Get Plastic Surgery?

A photo of Girls’ Generation’s (SNSD) Hyoyeon along with a caption that said, “Hyoyeon has become a goddess” has been circulating the internet. At first, netizens have been wondering if Hyoyeon had gone under the knife. However, it’s been revealed that the photo was taken back in 2010 and was photoshopped. In the photo, Hyoyeon looks noticeably different with paler skin, bigger eyes, and a slimmer chin.

Girls’ Generation fans were quick to defend Hyoyeon by claiming, “It’s obviously photoshopped” and “How can anyone mistake that for plastic surgery?” Hyoyeon definitely looks more like a doll in the photoshopped photo, but then again she looks a bit unnatural at the same time. What do you think? Should she get plastic surgery?