Soompi Daily Digest – May 2nd, 2011

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Top Stories of the Day:

1)     Two girl groups have ended up at the top two spots of this week’s Soompi K-Pop Music Chart, beating out CN Blue and Big Bang! (

2)     [Exclusive] 2NE1’s Park Bom has left a special video message to Soompi and all of its Soompiers! (

3)     French K-Pop fans did a street rally urging SM Entertainment for another SM Town concert in Paris—and the agency is looking into the possibility of adding another concert! ( (

4)     [Exclusive] The acting coach for Jeon Ji Hyun, Jo In Sung, and Song Joong Gi gives some acting advice! (

5)     KBS will produce an idol version of the popular reality program “Survival: I am a Singer” later this month. (

6)     Good news Jo In Sung fans—he’s almost done with his military service! (

7)     [Column] Male stars and their military service: Who’s joining and leaving? (

8)     Miss A releases an English single “Love Alone,” which will be performed live at Kim Yuna’s ice show “KCC Switzen All That Skate Spring 2011.” (

9)     KBS aired a documentary showing Hyun Bin at the Marine Corps’ six week training boot camp. (

10)   Find out what Rain did on his flight to New York! (

Photo of the Day:


Lee Min Ho fought against twelve men for a scene in his upcoming drama “City Hunter.” (

Tweet of the Day:


Kwon Dami, Big Bang G-Dragon’s older sister, tweeted this old photo of their family recently. From the looks of it, the little kid on top must be G-Dragon LOL!

Quote of the Day:

“While I have all my songs on my mp3, I don’t listen to them at all.”Rain answered when asked what type of music he listens to the plane. He said it’s because he already listened to it over thousands of times. (

Release of the Day:


“Love Alone”Miss A comes back with an English track. The girl group will perform this song live at Kim Yuna’s ice show “KCC Switzen All That Skate Spring 2011” later this week. (

Best Person of the Day:


French K-Pop fans—You asked for another concert, and your wish might just be granted! Following a rally with hundreds of fans filling up the streets of Paris, urging SM Entertainment for another concert in Paris, SME said they are looking into the possibility of holding an additional live concert. (


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