‘Arirang TV’ To Start Airing in Washington D.C.

The Hallyu Wave and the Kpop craze have been quite literally taking over every single part of the word. As proven by the ramifications of the recent French Kpop fans’ flash mob event, Korean entertainment agencies are starting to notice the stronghold of international Kpop fans.

To further expand upon the Kpop love, Korea’s pride and joy, Arirang TV will start airing in Washington D.C. on the 3rd.  Arirang is the first Korean channel to air in D.C.  Ariang will air on digital channel 30.9 and cable channels Comcast 280 and Cox 479. 

Arirang TV started airing on digital television in LA, Seattle, Chicago, and New York in 2009. An Arirang representative stated, “We have claimed another 1,500,000 households to the 10,000,000 households of American Arirang viewers.” Arirang TV aims for the betterment and expansion of Korean culture amongst 1.5~3rd generation Korean immigrants, as well among international Kpop fans. 

Source: Nate