Kim Sae Ron’s Younger Sisters Stir Interest

Child actress, Kim Sae Ron (10) best known for her role alongside Won Bin in “Ajussi” recently revealed pictures of her two younger sisters, Ye Ron and Ah Ron on MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment News.” Sae Ron further explained that Ye Ron has talents in singing and dancing while Ah Ron strives to be an actress someday.

Netizens who saw these pictures mentioned how the three siblings have similar appearances and praised their talents and looks. It’s great to hear such positive compliments!

Kim Sae Ron on the other hand has recently starred in the drama series, “Can You Hear My Heart” as the younger version of Hwang Jung Eum’s character.

Below are pictures of Kim Sae Ron’s (even) younger days when she was a part of MBC’s children’s show, “Bbo Bbo Bbo” as well as pictures of her younger siblings.

Source: hkn24, Cyworld