Park Yoochun MBC’s “Come To Play” Appearance Blocked or Misfire?

The main cast for MBC’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Ripley” was to appear on MBC’s “Come to Play” but an apparent “Misfire” happened (That resulted in the “Ripley” cast members not appearing on the show). According to Star News, a source within the drama production team stated that the main cast for “Ripley” Kim Seung Woo, Kang Hae Jung, Lee Da Hae, and Park Yoochun were putting out feelers to appear on “Come to Play.”

According to Star News, the production team for “Come to Play” had asked if the cast for “Ripley” could appear without Park Yoo Chun. The response from the drama team was that they would just not appear on “Come To Play.”

After DBSK’s breakup and since Park Yoo Chun had been a part of JYJ, he had been cast in big dramas but did not appear on variety shows for the Korean “Big Three” broadcasting companies. (MBC, KBS, SBS)

Star News speculates and also states that many people are beginning to question if this is because of SM Entertainment’s influence. Even broadcasting companies themselves are becoming wary of entertainment agencies. According to Star News, a person within a broadcasting company said, “Should we have to worry so much about entertainment agencies even for the PR of dramas produced by our own company?”

The unofficial response that “Come to Play” is that Park Yoochun and the other cast members of “Ripley” are not appearing because of scheduling differences.