Singer Lee Hyori, Pop Art Muse

On the 2nd of May at Gwanhun Insa Art Center, ‘Clio’ make-up model, Lee Hyori had a successful fan-signing. Gwanhun Insa Art Center held their ‘5th Annual Clio Cosmetic Art’ event at 2 pm. The event was also celebrating the successful sell of their ‘Kill Black’ eye-liner.

Lee Hyori’s popularity was shown by the overwhelming number of fans that gathered for the fan-signing. This event only allowed the first 30 fans to receive her signature. Some fans came 3 hours before the autograph event and waited in line.

Since 2002, ‘Clio Cosmetic Art’ is the first to combine cosmetics and art through printmaking, sculpturing, performance, and exhibitions of various types of artworks. This year, Lee Hyori was the main focus. The muse of ‘Clio’, Hyori was designed in variety of art works. One art piece that gain the most media attention was the 1000 diamond lipsticks made into chandeliers

Lee Hyori stated, “I am amused how my face became an artwork. I am proud as a ‘Clio’ model to attend in a significant event”.


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