Nana Picked as #1 Spring Date Girl

After School’s Nana was picked as the number one female singer that one would like to go on a spring date with.

Every month 29 of SBS’s “Ingigayo” staff and singers come together to have a survey.

Also, After School’s unit group Orange Caramel also received number one for female groups.

According to tvdaily, “once the survey was put up male singers and staff were running to vote for Nana.” “Nana has a doll face and also is very bright when she says hello to others, therefore that is probably why she is so popular.”

In other news, After School launched their title song “Shampoo” for their official album “Virgin” on April 28th. In fall 2009, Nana and Raina were added to the group with Lizzy joining in March 2010.