4minute’s and U-Kiss’s Kevin’s West Coast Eats

When 4minute traveled to LA last weekend, the girls did what all tourists visiting California should do — they hit up the famous West Coast fast food chain, In-N-Out! For those not in the know, In-N-Out is known for their fantastic, freshly-made hamburgers, as well as their limited menu — if you don’t want hamburgers and fries, then you need to hit up another joint, because that’s all In-N-Out has! Luckily, 4minute was clearly in the mood for some burgers, because the five of them ordered six cheeseburgers! (Perhaps they had a manager or friend with them — either that, or one of the girls must have been extremely hungry.) They also snapped some cute photos in front of In-N-Out! Very California style! 

The photos were posted by 4minute’s Sohyun, who captioned one of the photos with “The really really yummy~~~ IN N OUT burger place~~!♥ I want to eat it again~♥ How come all of our hands are pointing to different directions? kk”

By the way, the girls weren’t in LA merely as tourists; they were there to perform at the Korean Music Festival held at Hollywood Bowl on April 30. We hope they enjoyed short stay! Also in LA for the Korean Music Festival was U-Kiss’s Kevin, who very clearly made the most of his visit. We love it when people treat new destinations with so much enthusiasm, don’t you? In one day, Kevin managed to hit up the Santa Monica Beach and the Grove promenade, where he posed with three parrots, ate funnel cake with strawberries, played on the beach, and rode on a Ferris wheel!

What’s kind of cute about these photos is that Kevin had to ask his Twitter followers how to upload the photos to his account. Prior to this, it seems he hadn’t posted much. We guess that he must have been so excited by his visit to LA that it finally compelled him to share the contents of his camera! His photos really capture the SoCal spirit, don’t you think?

Kevin saved the best for last, saying, “Last but not least…You can’t leave without having Funnel Cake!” So we guess that’s his vote for must-have food in LA. What would be on your menu if you were to visit California: funnel cake or In-N-Out?

Source: asiae.co.kr, 4M_kkwonsso@Twitter, Kevinwoo91@Twitter