Sexy Queen Lee Hyori Can Pass for a Night Prowler!?!

Korean diva Lee Hyori tweeted a photo along with the caption “how do I look?” today. In the photo, she’s seen in comfortable clothing, a grey cap, and a big white mask that covered most of her beautiful face. Her eyes were the only parts exposed, and fans probably wouldn’t have noticed the star even if she walked right past them.The mask was her safety protection from the seasonal yellow dust from Mongolia, and allowed her to escape the public’s eyes while she strolled outside.

Netizens commented, “she’s unrecognizable,” “she can pass for a night prowler,” and “is that really her?”

The popular star registered for a twitter account on April 28th; but she started actively tweeting today, and it seems like she’s quite absorbed with it.

Check out the photos below! Is this really the same person?