Asiae reported On May 3rd Lee Ji Ah’s Entertainment Agency “Key East” named a new CEO, who is Bae Sung Woong. He will be replacing Yang Geun Hwan. Key East will change its structure to have two CEOs Shin Pil Sun and Bae Sung Woong.

The new CEO Bae Sung Woong had overseen Key East’s Japanese company Digital Adventure (DA). Key East’s official reasoning for the replacement is that they wanted to increase the synergy between DATV and Key East.

But many are currently speculating that the reason is because of the controversy caused by Lee Ji Ah and Seo Taiji’s lawsuit. Through Key East on April 21st, Lee Ji Ah had said in her official response that after appearing on a cell phone advertisement she had gained an interest in becoming a celebrity after meeting Yang Geun Hwan (The CEO being replaced).

After the news about the lawsuit had been released many were curious if Yang Geun Hwan had known anything on the matter.