Lee Min Ho & Park Min Young’s Love Judo for “City Hunter”

Actors Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young shared a sizzling judo session for their upcoming drama “City Hunter.” Lee Min Ho plays Lee Yoon Sung, a MIT graduate who works in the Blue House National Communications Team, while Park Min Young plays Kim Nana, a secret service agent and former judo athlete. The two leads will develop a romantic relationship as they bicker away.

On April 29th, Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young met at a gymnasium to film a judo scene. In the scene, Kim Nana (Park Min Young) is coaching Lee Yoon Sung (Lee Min Ho) and other agents of the National Communications Team some basic judo techniques. While Yoon Sung is skilled in various areas, including martial arts, he hides his abilities and plays along Nana’s coaching advice. The two share a heart-stopping moment as Kim Nana pinned down Lee Yoon Sung. Both gaze into each other’s eyes, and it seems as if the two may kiss at any second.

Both actors have been taking judo lessons for two months to make the scenes as real as possible. Their hard work and passion for the production was evident as they completed shooting without a hitch. Actress Park Min Young put in a lot of hours into training for her athletic character. It’s been said that the two leads will have a signature move where Nana throws and pins Yoon Sung over her shoulder.

Representatives of the production crew stated, “Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young trained several months to perfect the moves, and the audience will be able to feel their passion right on the screen. Fans can expect great things from ‘City Hunter.’”

“City Hunter” is based on the best-selling Japanese manga by Hojo Tsukasa, which sold over a million copies just in Korea. The original manga by Tsukasa is set in 1980 Tokyo, but the drama adaptation will take place in modern day Seoul.

“City Hunter” is set to air its first episode May 25th.