Jo In Sung “Reporting My Release”

As we have reported before, today on May 4th Jo In Sung was released from his military service.

Today (May 4th) at 10:10am, at the back door of the air base in Pyungtaek, Kyunggi Do, Jo In Sung shared a few words about his being released. He said, “I don’t really know what to feel right now. The moment I see my parents’ faces I think I will start to have an idea.” At the place of his release there were nearly 400 fans and Star News reported that Jo In Sung’s eyes were teary. Jo In Sung said that he could not sleep the night before, he also had a party eating crackers and talking with his fellow comrades.

He also went on to say, “Even now I think it was a good idea to have entered into the military.

The production team for MBC’s “Infinite Challenge” had different placards and ad balloons for the event. Jo In Sung said he was thankful to the production team for “Infinite Challenge,” and that “If I ever get a chance I’d love to appear on Infinite Challenege, while in the military I watched Infinite Challenge more than girl groups.”