Actress, Jo Yeo-Jeong + 7 Billion Won Pink Diamond Photoshoot

Actress, Jo Yeo-Jeong’s photo-shoot with a 7 billion won diamond is causing a commotion.

Fashion magazine, ‘W Korea’ used Jo Yeo-Jeong as a muse of Japan’s contemporary haute couture jewelry brand, Lucy. Jo Yeo-Jeong was dressed in a designer dress displaying several jewelry pieces.

Last April, Lucy at their launching ceremony, they presented Jo Yeo-Jeong a 7 billion won set of pink diamond necklace and ring. This special set was specifically made for Jo Yeo-Jeong and this is the only set in the whole world.

In the photos, Jo Yeo-Jeong expressed the jewelries in a luxurious yet sexy feel through her expression and body positions.

Her photo-shoot will be shown in the May edition of ‘W Korea’


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