[Recap] We Got Married Episode 76

[Recap] We Got Married Episode 76

This is the second to last Goguma episode. (T_T <- I’ve become a true Goguma fan too late) As the two Gogumas open up their last mission letter, Yonghwa is to give Seohyun the happiest day they’ve had together.

Yonghwa started off by giving Seohyun a white day gift.

Then they had to go together to take money out of their “couple account” that they had made together. Seohyun acted like she had forgotten about the account they made together, because Yonghwa might have thought that she put in a lot of money into the account, when she hadn’t really.

As they were walking outside Seohyun complained, “Oppa you haven’t got a driver’s license yet have you?” but Yonghwa surprised Seohyun as he walked towards his red car. Yonghwa finally got his license. (It was a good strategy to surprise Seohyun with his car, but honestly he should have gotten it earlier, Pssh)

While they drove to the bank, Yonghwa was focusing intensely and he kept his mouth open the whole time. He also didn’t talk at all. (-_-;;;)

When he parked his wheels were not aligned straight, and he had to get inside and fix the direction of his wheels.

Once they got to an ATM they checked how much money was left over and there was about $290 dollars. Seohyun had deposited three times and Yonghwa had deposited it once.

They went inside the bank to close the account, and both of them seemed a bit sad. They planned to rip the account book in half together. Then during the evening on that same date, the Goguma couple began their last date. In her 1:1 interview Seohyun confessed that she wanted to end their virtual relationship joyously.

Both Seohyun and Yonghwa were dressed up the same way when they met each other for the first time at MBC headquarters. They first started to act like they hadn’t met before.

On their 1:1 interviews, Seohyun said that the way Yonghwa looks at her had already changed and Yonghwa said that Seohyun looked the same from the first time they had met.Then WGM began to play the clips from the first time that they had met. The Goguma couple began to repeat what they had said the first time, and they switched the lines they had said. Yonghwa took out a diary he had, and it contained the list of questions to ask Seohyun. All of the questions were in this fashion, “Who is your favorite singer?” etc. Yonghwa of course wanted Seohyun to answer CN Blue for all of them, but she began to joke around and answer differently. Afterwards Yonghwa asked Seohyun, “What is the difference between liking someone and loving someone?” She answered, when you like somebody you have interest but when you love somebody it is deeper and you have one hundred times more interest. Yonghwa in his 1:1 interview confessed that Seohyun now seems to have an idea of what love is.

For the Goguma couple’s first destination they headed to CN Blue’s rehearsal studio. 

Once inside the studio they began to show clips of the two when they had first met and Yonghwa was trying to teach Seohyun how to play the guitar. Again the two were repeating things they had said when they met together for the first time.

Yonghwa was then told Seohyun indirectly about a story where he had taught someone how to play the guitar and she never seemed to improve. Seohyun said, “There probably was a reason why that person didn’t improve…” Then Seohyun began to take out her guitar. (It was the one that Yonghwa had bought her. Yonghwa was checking the guitar if it was tuned, and he was surprised to find out that it was! Seohyun was also surprised!

Then Yonghwa wanted to test Seohyun if she remembered anything he had learned or if she had practiced by herself. Yonghwa began to ask her to play certain chords and Seohyun didn’t seem to remember anything. Yonghwa proceeded to sing “Falling Slowly” like they had before, and Seohyun was playing the piano. They were having a small concert together, and it was pretty sad, because the lyrics of that song are sad by itself. (T_T)

Yonghwa then asked Seohyun if they should start using common-language-tones for each other. (The whole time together they were using formal Korean) Seohyun said “No, we’ve only met each other for a year.” Yonghwa replied, “I hate people like you.” (Kaka) Seohyun got up to leave.

Then Yonghwa played the guitar while Seohyun sang “Genie.” The lights went out all of the sudden and they were joined by the other CN Blue members. They also brought a cake with them. After the Goguma couple blew out the candles CN Blue began to sing together.

The CN Blue members talked about the past and clips played showing how Yonghwa was very protective over Seohyun.

After eating the cake together, the other CN Blue members besides Yonghwa sang a song they had prepared, “What you are to me, and What I am to You” by Scenery While Riding a Bicycle.

 WGM played clips of CN Blue and the Goguma couple spending time together, Seohyun’s eyes were glistening with tears.

Afterwards each member thanked Seohyun in their own way, pretty much their message was that Yonghwa had improved as a person because of Seohyun. In turn Seohyun expressed her thanks to the CN Blue members through her 1:1 interview.

After they had left, Seohyun decided to play the guitar and sing for Yonghwa, as she had prepared her own version of the “Ban Mal Song.” Seohyun was acting the whole time just to surprise Yonghwa and move him. (Hehe, common practice for couples everywhere, it’s always good to act like you don’t know or can’t do something only to surprise your significant other in order to impress or move them!) Yonghwa was clearly impressed. Seohyun had changed the lyrics in the song and she had a deeper meaning. (She wanted to start talking to Yonghwa more informally) In her 1:1 interview, Seohyun talked about how Yonghwa had really enjoyed her singing before, and also she wanted to start talking informally to Yonghwa. Yonghwa on the other hand talked about how he was moved through Seohyun’s song and preparation. Then they tried out talking informally and Seohyun was having a difficult time. She was all awkward and nervous. She was hungry and they decided to go eat Dduk Bbokki!!


Stay tuned next week for the Last Episode of WGM: The Goguma Couple (T_T)

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