Two Old School Idol Groups Come Together for New Album

Two old school idol members are putting together a new album later this month. According to Jang Woo Hyuk, the former member of 90s idol sensation H.O.T., he’s currently working with the members of former idol rap duo, Untitle, for his upcoming solo mini album. “Having drinks after completely finishing recording. Collaboration with Untitle’s Suh Jung Hwan and Yoo Gun Hyung, WOW. When we first met 15 years ago, did we think this would be happening? From competitors to the same family. Life is so unpredictable,” Jang Woo Hyuk said under this photo on his me2day account.

Jang Woo Hyuk is scheduled to come back with his second solo mini album later this month. It would be his first solo album in five years, during which he completed his military service and did promotions in China as well. Much like Jang Woo Hyuk’s old group H.O.T., Untitle was part of the first generation of idol bands in the mid 90s who debuted with their hit single, “Take Me Away.” Both members of Untitle were in high school when they first debuted and made a lot of noise in the industry for their ability to write and produce songs on their own.

As an old school K-Pop fan, I personally really liked Untitle for their hip-hop based beat and similarity to another 90s hip hop duo, Deux. “Take Me Away” and “Wings” were my two favorite songs by Untitle, and just for your enjoyment, I’m attaching the music video for “Take Me Away.” I must admit the song is still pretty good, but the music video is just downright hilarious—the acting is terrible and the plot is just lame (LOL). But much to their credit, Untitle did play a big role in building the foundation for K-Pop as it is now, and that’s enough reason for me to look forward to Jang Woo Hyuk’s new album.