SNSD’s Jessica Has a Taiwanese Twin?!

Did Girls’ Generation’s (SNSD) Jessica make a surprise solo visit to Taiwan? Nope, the woman in the photos is a Taiwanese woman named Jing Jing. Taiwanese newspaper “58 News” dubbed Jing Jing as Jessica’s Taiwanese twin. In the segment, the Taiwanese doppelganger introduced herself as, “Hello, I’m Jessica. I’m here in Taiwan again!” in Korean. She then said, “Many people say I look a lot like Jessica. I didn’t believe it at first, and I had no idea how much my resemblance to her could affect my daily life.

 She added, “I’ve been practicing Jessica’s expressions and poses to be more like her. I also massage my legs every day to make my legs prettier.”  

“58 News” complimented the doppelganger stating, “Jing Jing is indeed very similar to her, and she’s actually taller than Jessica.”

Netizens have showed mixed reactions to Jing Jing. Some complimented, “While she resembles Jessica, she’s pretty in her own way,” and some stated, “Copycat. She looks nothing like her. Jessica’s prettier.”  

What do you think? Yay or nay?