“49 Days” Nam Gyu-Ri, Proof of Survival Picture – Spoiler?

According to Money Today, “49 Days” is about Nam Gyu-Ri who plays the role of “Shin Ji Hyun” who has become a human vegetable because of a car accident. Her soul needs to find three people that truly love her within 49 days and she will become alive again.

On May 6th through twitter Nam Gyu-Ri’s pictures of moving around were revealed titled, “SBS Drama’s Nam Gyu-Ri’s living proof shots, we hope you enjoy your holiday and please watch 49 days episode 16 which will broadcast tonight at 9:55pm)

Some netizens gave sensitive remarks, “Isn’t this a spoiler?” and some have answered by saying “it was probably just a picture for fun that was taken on set.”