CNBlue’s Jung Yong Hwa Reunited with his First Love…No, First Loves!

CNBlue’s Jong Yong Hwa was in hot water after two girls claiming they were his first love appeared on Friday’s episode of SBS’s “Dalgona” (aka “Sweet Hometown Days”). The trio confused everyone on set, and people asked who his real first love was. The reason for this confusion was because Jung Yong Hwa had two different stories regarding his first love. Once, he said his first love was in elementary school; and another time, he stated middle school. 

In the end, he made it clear by stating who his first love was. Jung Yong Hwa stated, “My real first love was in middle school. Her name is Hye Ryung. So Ee was my childhood friend.” During the episode, Jung Yong Hwa’s handwritten love letter was also revealed.

FYI: the girl in green is Hye Ryung.