The Many Faces of Jun Ji-Hyun

The enigmatic beauty Jun Ji-Hyun is undoubtedly one of the most familiar and famous faces amongst female Korean celebrities. Here, I would like to take a brief look into her past and her rise of fame. Before she had any real acting roles, Jun Ji-Hyun started off as a model for Echo Magazine in 1997. Pretty much Jun Ji-Hyun was unknown until she exploded on the commercial scene in Samsung’s MYJET commercials where she dances sexily to techno music.


Also, something that not many know, Jun Ji-Hyun actually had a feature on G.O.D’s hit song “Lies” in 2001. During the rap you can hear her scream “Shiruh! Shiruh!” (No! No!)



Anyways she continued to appear on commercials and her acting career wasn’t well-known until her breakthrough role in the film “My Sassy Girl.” This film was the highest grossing Korean comedy of all time, and it featured her as a sporadic, cute, sassy, and spunky girl who is getting over her significant other who passed away. She and Cha Tae Hyun develop a relationship that is wacky and romantic at the same time.



Thereafter she continued to appear in different films but her numerous commercials got her the nickname “CF Queen.” Her most famous CFs are considered the Giordano commercials that featured other top stars such as Jung Woo Sung, Go So-Young, and Jang Dong Gun.



At the time of her Giordano commercials, Jun Ji Hyun also had many famous commercials with the Korean drink 2%. In the commercial below she is acting out a serious scene that is parody of a Korean film that was famous at the time.



Here are two other commercials of the beautiful Jun Ji-Hyun!

Jeon Ji Hyun in a Green Tea Commercial “17 Cha”


Jun Ji-Hyun for Laneige