Figure Skater Kwak Min Jung is Jealous of Miss A’s Suzy’s Looks?

Figure skater Kwak Min Jung posted a picture of her and Miss A’s Suzy on her Cyworld mini homepage. She also commented, “My favorite Suzy! You’re way too pretty, but I’m still glad you’re my friend.”

Both dressed in white, the two seventeen year olds took an adorable picture with a peace sign. Netizens have commented, “The two look so close, and they’re both so beautiful,” “Suzy looks like Min Jung’s sister, maybe it’s because she’s taller” and “They’re like angels!”

Kwak Min Jung and Suzy participated in Olympic Champion Kim Yuna’s “KCC Switzen All That Skate Spring 2011” ice show this past weekend. Girl group Miss A was invited to perform for the finale of the ice show.